Firelight Bird Dogs

Firelight Bird Dogs

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Day of Double Takes


Some things you have to look twice before your brain makes the connection with what you are seeing.  I took these photos today but no, I am not back in New England and that is not the Atlantic.  It is a bay on Lake Michigan with a north wind blowing and lake effect snow in the air.  

This morning's double take woke me up faster than the caffeine in my tea.  I stepped out of the trailer to get something and my car started up. All on it's own.  I was standing right next to it and suddenly it was running.  Took my synapses a quick lap to realize that I had the keys in my pocket and that I had somehow managed to "butt dial" my remote starter.  A bit amazing given that the small button must be pressed twice to remote start.  

Last double take of the day was sitting in the trailer eating dinner. Looking over at Kate as she watched out the window my heart did a double-take and I saw my late, beloved Ditto as a youngster.  Two generations separate them yet bring them together.    
    Kate, tonight                                                Ditto, too long ago

Cheers and Happy Hunting all...
Lynn Dee

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