Firelight Bird Dogs

Firelight Bird Dogs

Friday, September 5, 2014

The vastness and diversity of our wonderful country never fails to amaze me. We left our home in Kansas 10 days ago during a heat wave yet this morning there was ice on the outside dog water bowl here in the mountains of Montana.

With the feeling of all of the time in the world ahead of us we have been taking our time, visiting with friends, weekending at a French Brit field trial and coming up into the mountains. We hunted opening day on familiar grounds but we like to explore new areas every year so we headed into some mountains that are new to us. Tall peaks with glaciers, fragrant pine forests and clear streams that are ice cold have provided a relaxing peace for a few days.

We have run all of the dogs and although we got into a few dusky grouse there haven't been the number we had hoped for so I am posting this as we come back down through town to our next stop.

Yesterday, with BLT sandwiches, we celebrated the last of the fantastic tomatoes that Mike grew this summer. We also finished the last of the juicy watermelon he had grown. Yeah, life is good.


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