Firelight Bird Dogs

Firelight Bird Dogs

Friday, February 8, 2013

Full House

Tweed had her puppies!  In the wee hours of Wednesday morning she graced us with a healthy litter of 8; 3 females and 5 males.  Everyone is doing very well and filling out their little bellies nicely.  There is an interesting mix of colors; beltons, orange eye patches, a half mask and one that has a patch on the base of his tail.  My friend Andrea came and stayed all night long to experience her first puppy whelping.  She was great company, even as we both nodded off a bit in our chairs during the long hours waiting for Tweed to begin the action.

The round disc is a heated whelping nest that maintains a constant temperature for the puppies with no risk of burning like a heating pad can.  Tweed however feels that it is for her comfort and she usually lays on it and the pups have to take what little space is left over.

                      I'm not sure if pups at this age are really cute or if they simply resemble white gerbils.

Meanwhile our little 9 week old tri belton that we purchased is settling in nicely.  Our goal for her is not only to join our hunting pack but also to be able to breed her to a couple of the nice males I have out there from my prior breedings.  Her name is Roxie and she hails from Minnesota.  Wonderful friends of ours from NH flew her back with them after visiting with their son out that way.

                                                                     Roxie being good

                                                                  Not being so good

                                                        Giving Dee some puppy trouble

                                                             It's all so exhausting you know