Firelight Bird Dogs

Firelight Bird Dogs

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Circle of Life with Bird Dogs: Joy and Heartbreak

The circle of life has brought both joy and heartbreak to Mike and me this week.  On Weds sweet Sally delivered 10 puppies from a highly anticipated breeding and all are doing well.  That same day, my beloved Tweed (Sally's mother) underwent emergency surgery for a tumor on her spleen.  She the finest care at KState Vet U but complications developed and yesterday we lost her.  Mike and I are devastated.  Everyone who knows me know that Tweed was my constant companion, the soft pillow I cried into during hard times, and my pride and joy.  She leaves behind a legacy of many fine bird dogs and was loved by all who knew her.  Our hearts and home feel empty.....

                                                                                             Sally and her day-old puppies 

Tweed with 3 of her daughters, photo taken in the Open Range in Montana this October

Tweed on grouse, her favorite bird

Tweed this past Saturday, opening day here in Kansas, honoring a point by her daughter Storm.  Tweed was always a class act.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The North Woods

Years ago I read a quote that a good hobby is one through which you meet interesting people, involves travel and feeds a passion.  Bird dogs sure have done that for me.  The passion still burns strong after several decades and I cannot imagine my life ever being without bird dogs.  We travel thousands of miles a year from coast to coast for hunting or breeding purposes.  And so many of the wonderful, interesting people in my life entered through either hunting or bird dogs. So when we had an invitation from another setter owner to spend some time in the north woods hunting ruffed grouse we just had to go.  This end of the day scene could be anywhere-bird-USA but took place mid-state Minnesota with our new friend.

The bird covers were beautiful and rich with the smells and colors of October.  Tye entrusted us with some gorgeous bird covers, it's easy to see why he is in that area most every weekend in autumn.

The birds were spooky but between our dogs and Tye's we saw some nice dog work.

 Having been traveling and hunting for 6 weeks we were pretty road weary.  The enthusiasm of Tye and his friends - including Alicia who was 5 months pregnant yet out there gunning - was refreshing and we shared good meals and talk of dogs and birds.  Homemade goodies from Tye's wife were much welcomed and were gobbled as we pulled out of MN and headed home to KS.  Our trip to MN left us with new friends and memories of the colors and wonder of the north woods.

We are home now and happy to be relaxing a bit before the Kansas bird hunting season opens on Nov 14.  The dogs are happy to be romping around their yard.  Sally is definitely pregnant with puppies due Thanksgiving week so we will soon be prepping the whelping box....the same box in which she herself was born just a few years ago.  The calendar pages keep turning yet they look so familiar......