Firelight Bird Dogs

Firelight Bird Dogs

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Promises Shared

by Lynn Dee Galey 

"Eight little promises" was a comment made by a friend when I shared a photo of Annie's litter.   How perfect!  And got me to thinking about just how many promises really are represented with each litter of Firelight puppies. 

I promise that I have done my best to produce bird dogs who will give their gunners the kind of days that turn into stirring, warm memories that last a lifetime.  

I promise that they have a healthy foundation behind them and an upbringing that solidly places them on the doorstep of a bright future.

The carefully selected owners promise to love and care for them, make them part of their family, and provide them with a lifetime of sharing the thrill of wild birds in wild places.

The puppies promise... well, they are the embodiment of promise.  Eight generations of Firelight blood runs through their veins. Their beautiful faces look directly into the soul of all who take the time to look.  

Good luck little guys. You may not live with me but each of you is a part of me. 

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