Firelight Bird Dogs

Firelight Bird Dogs

Friday, April 2, 2021

Week 5: Dont Mix Up Your Utensils

by Lynn Dee Galey

It was 6 degrees out this morning, and I was wishing that I had more than my LLBean flannel shirt over my nightgown.  But with a repurposed soup ladle gripped in my cold hand, I was focused on only one goal.  

We are five weeks into Annie's presumed pregnancy, and I now feel comfortable saying this about that: Annie's "with pups".  Each week my hunch has been confirmed more.  This week I sent the email to the folks on her wait list letting them know that yes, puppies are on the way.  

I reiterated that I would not be doing an ultrasound but that all of the signs are present.  I chuckled when one prospective owner replied, "Hmmm. Always hungry, expanding waistline decreased energy/activity? By Gawd I must be pregnant."

The past few days I noticed that Annie frequently had a sense of urgency about going outside to relieve herself.  Thus my soup ladle wielding escapade in the back yard this morning, aimed at collecting a urine sample to rule out a possible UTI (urinary tract infection).  Off we went to the vet where she confirmed no infection.  

It is a comfort to have vets who themselves are breeders.  That can be as big a boost to the humans involved as the dogs!  I love that she agreed that an ultrasound to verify puppies was clearly not necessary.   I relaxed when she smiled and said that Annie either has a whole lot of puppies in that compact body or she is a drama queen about the increasing pressure (a friend and Ardent Annie Admirer suggested both of these could be true😶). 

With 4 weeks left to go, a whole bunch of families and I are trying to contain our excitement. Meanwhile...Dreamboat Annie is sailing on cruise control! 

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